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However, I also included reference to the analogue trend — specifically vinyl — since this is increasingly popular among the TA. The feature reference in the contents page was a stylistic decision, drawing influence from the Lemmy issue of Classic Rock.

Basic image edits such as changing the exposure, contrast, brightness and sharpen filters were easily picked up and made a big difference to the quality and clarity of my product. The following diagram helped me a lot in learning the different variables of a camera: Since then, I learnt that studio shoots are more suited to the front cover, whereas scenery or action shots with props are better suited to the DPS.

Q Magazine analysis

Although I did not take direct inspiration from this exact chosen colour scheme, I did decide my artist was to have an associated colour outside of the rock palette to distinguish them as an individual.

However, I choose this specific magazine as the cover clearly challenged codes and conventions by having a bright pink cover; therefore, going against the rock colour palette of Red, Black and white. More application of theory and development of other arguments gathered from research.

I will need to closely consider what colours I should use to make it stand out from any other advert that is likely to be next to it. Chrome, as a new magazine, could benefit greatly from mentions and attribution to Download Festival, since TeamRock are so closely associated.

However, nowadays, social networks play the larger role in promotion and distribution of media product. I learnt the value of having accurate and good quality flat plans and how they help construction as shown in the comparison.

However, the only problem with the Reel was that the clips I had selected were funny to the people involved, but may have not amused the whole audience.

Magazine Analysis

Beginning my School Magazine project was overwhelming, as throughout I experienced a huge learning curve. The iconography is strong, the red strawberry and lips give connotations of lust and sex, which a female audience will aspire to primarily because the passive male audience appreciates the image.

I hope to draw a better understanding of what makes up these pages as well as inspiration for my own product. These jobs are likely to be part-time to fit into the hours and life style of a student. However, between this task and my final product, my skills in photography, software and artistic ability improved significantly.

This was epitomised in my use of digital downloads in the magazine. As seen in the preliminary task, none of these skills were utilised and a product lacking in content or effective layouts was produced.

A2 Media Evaluation For my production piece I decided to create three television sitcom posters in order to represent American women in an idealistic way. Both were positioned evenly in the article in order to draw the readers in, and I made sure both left the reader asking questions and wanting to know more about the article.

While a diagonal strapline may appeal to readers of a pop magazine, such quirks are less effective in the design of a school magazine, even for students.

Transformers, GI Joe and Wanted but there are many more. This is evidence that the decision to change the colour scheme and various other design features was a good one.

TeamRock also have associations with a Leeds-based festival, Slam Dunk Festival, which I would argue is even more closely linked to my target audience. 50% A2 Media Coursework MS3: MEDIA INVESTIGATION AND PRODUCTION of A2 grade You are required to undertake an individual investigation into a Genre of music.

You need to undertake a range of research including primary research (such as textual analysis, content analysis) and secondary research (books. During the 5 weeks time, I’ve created 4 pages of my own rock magazine (media coursework). All of my actions were completely aligned with my brief, that I’ve produced before the process of production of my magazine.

Lucy Day A2 Media Coursework Sunday, 6 March Empire Magazine Front Cover Analysis Empire Magazine Front Cover Analysis- The Shining. This is an older version of the film magazine 'Empire' which Is a special copy discussing 'The Greatest Movies of all time'. Therefore, in order to kept in with the time/year in which 'The Shining' was.

GCSE Media Studies LilyNgo♥ Wednesday, 28 September Magazine Cover Analysis Vogue magazine is a high end fashion and lifestyle magazine. On the front cover I can tell that the issue is based on the seasons latest trends ‘autumn’s essentials’ and an article on the singer Adele due to the big image of her and the anchorage text.

Drew Petrov - Media Coursework 21 Jan Magazine Analysis (Q Magazine) Q Magazine, Cover Page, December Like the other magazine covers, the magazine logo is placed at the on the top left of the cover. This is because of the way that new agents stack magazines.

The logo for the magazine will still be seen when stacked on a shelf. Media magazine cover, contents, double page spread analysis- complete, adding extra finished Media magazine cover, contents, double page spread analysis- complete, adding extra finished Magazine cover analysis main coursework sarahashcroft.

Modelling or Copycat Theory.

As media coursework magazine analysis
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