Challenges facing the 1malaysia concept

Each member of the community or race is accounted for and will not be isolated from enjoying development and adequate protection from the government. In his original paper outlining the vision, Mahathir specified nine requirements that Malaysia needed to achieve under the plan: Therefore, we have to look at innovative and creative ways to mitigate these challenges.

However, I always look at challenges as opportunities.

In this way, all Malaysians can join is the celebration of the various religious and cultural festivals. Before this, we had this constraint where our boats took a long time to respond to an incident out at sea because they are based in Semporna, Sandakan and Tawau.

It is good for us to study other religions. Jet planes flew by twice at though to confirm the breaking of the racial bondage.

So we can surmise that this concept is not an anomaly, alienated or separate from the flow of history and tradition. While the Malaysian political system is democratic in nature, there has been little progress towards becoming a more mature democracy.

Conclusion Wawasan will not be achieved in the short-to-medium term. They may also be narrow-minded, prejudiced, dishonest and intolerant of other people as well as become irresponsible. He also used Daniel and his three friends in Babylon and also Mordecai. Pastors gathered at ground zero to pray and confess the sins of the land.

Meritocracy emphasizes open competition based on pre-requisites that have been pre-determined and whosoever is able to fulfill the required criteria has the right to be chosen.

Precision principle is an element in determining excellence.

In government acquisitions, contracts are awarded through open tenders and selected contractors must fulfill all requirements. It will affect the budget for the Armed Forces as well as the Navy.

Tun Abdul Razak, in turn, inspired the New Economic Policy, which aims to unite the multi-races in this country. According to Najib, this will delay the goal of becoming fully developed until Precision in measurement, delivery schedule and quality are closely related to ensuring excellence and success.

He stresses that all these values complement each other, so they should not be viewed in isolation, but in a wholesome and integrated manner.

1malaysia - English Version[1]

Perpadaun Kaum dan Toleransi Agama di Malaysia. Malaysians are extremely humble and accord much respect to others but possess inner strength and strong will towards certain principles.

The reaction of Najib to recent unrest appears to validate such concerns. Hence, this article will discuss the roles of youth and some major challenges which they might encounter while promoting the 1Malaysia concept. Discover the world's research 15+ million members.

The foundation of 1Malaysia concept will be the Malaysian’s main instrument to thwart the various threats and challenges that aim to threaten and disrupt the sanctity of our lives.

1Malaysia also seeks to generate the relationship and collaboration among the multi ethnic people in this country. THE world is changing fast, and so are the security challenges and issues facing our Royal Malaysian Navy. The new chief of the RMN, however, is taking everything in his stride.

Jan 03,  · 1Malaysia - 20 months later - by Dr C.M. by Dr Chandra Muzaffar It was 20 months ago that Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib formally announced his 1Malaysia concept. We are now in a position to examine the challenges facing the idea, to reflect upon its achievements and to look ahead.

Challenges Facing the 1malaysia Concept New Straits Times pg.

Malaysia: Many Challenges to Wawasan 2020 Development Vision

19 5/1/ Challenges facing the 1Malaysia concept CHANDRA MUZAFFAR IT was 20 months ago that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak formally announced his 1Malaysia concept. 1Malaysia is designed to re-orient Malaysia toward a new direction geared fail.

And right now, the nation and world are facing challenges on multiple fronts. On the other hand, a nation that is able to find the source of its potential by the backbone of any truly civic, democratic nation.

Apco under fire in Malaysia

This concept of ‘amanah’ stems from another.

Challenges facing the 1malaysia concept
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